Below you will find important documents related to the Ugandan crop seed sector which you can download. If you have suggestions for additional documents, please contact us.

08/03/2016 Application For Membership Of Croplife Uganda
The document talks on how to be recruited as a member of CropLife Uganda, member companies' need to apply and be verified.
08/03/2016 CropLife Uganda Profile
This document reflects CropLife Uganda vision, goal, objectives and activities, its members' contacts and physical location.
08/03/2016 Hazard Classifications
With reference to responsible use crop protection products needs to be classified as per hazardous classification for proper handling and use.
08/03/2016 Spray Service Provider Concept
This document is explaining the business oriented approach by private sector to application of crop protection products to be undertaken by those who are properly trained and certified by MAAIF.
01/01/2016 Exhibits to the African Seed Company Toolbox
Exhibits to the above toolbox which can be changed and customized (Aline O’Connor)
01/05/2009 Seed Business Management in Africa
Comprehensive book on seed business management (John MacRobert, CIMMYT)
01/05/2015 Seed Quality Manual 2015
This book, entitled Quality Management for Seed Enterprises in Developing Countries: A Reference Manual, is a product of the Seed Science Center at Iowa State University, USA.  It contains documentation of processes for developing a quality-oriented seed company, as well as various templates to be used by seed companies for activities such as contracting outgrowers and calibrating equipment. (Released May, 2015)
01/08/2009 The African Seed Company Toolbox:52 Tools Every Seed Company Manager Should Know How to Use
Practical, modular guide to building and managing a seed company (Aline O'Connor)
01/05/2016 UNADA Brochure
New UNADA Brochure
01/01/2016 UNADA Code of Conduct 2016
The document contains Uganda National Agro-input Dealers Association (UNADA) code of conducts that members are supposed to abide by.
01/01/2016 UNADA Member Application Form 2016
This document is the membership application form for new members who want to join the Uganda National Agro-input Dealers Association.
01/01/2016 UNADA Membership Categories 2016
The document contains Uganda National Agro-input Dealers Association's membership categories, benefit and their membership fee.

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